The National Schoolies Website is a non-profit project representing and protecting the interests of young people celebrating Schoolies.

This website enables one graduate class to pass on to the next graduate class the best tips and insight about schoolies - from year to year.

The National Schoolies Week site is a non-profit, non-government peer-education program for schoolies, by schoolies. It is funded by Rebeccas Community, whose Director is a Social Worker. It is the Official Website of Schoolies around Australia.

History / Essay Research: You can read up about the history of schoolies, dating back some twenty to thirty years.

Survival Guides

Schoolies Guides: You can also check out and contribute to the:

When Is Schoolies?

Schoolies Dates: Here is a list of schoolies festival dates when support services are in place and entertainment is offered around the nation. Schoolies however isn't a festival we turn up to, that stuff just gets put on while we party.


There are several non-profit organisation that rely on volunteers and provide support services during Schoolies at various destinations around the nation. To find out about volunteering opportunities in your area, simply contact one of the organisations listed.

  • SES - State Emergency Services
  • Crime Stoppers
  • Rosies Youth Mission
  • Drug Arm
  • Hotel Chaplains
  • Encounter Youth

Media Coverage

Schoolies Media Contacts: Given our involvement is nationwide, there are a number of people in local areas, including service providers and schoolies themselves, who can comment for the media on schoolies issues. Sometimes we can supply a comment, usually though, we know who to suggest you call, depending on the region and issue. A good starting point are our schoolies media contacts.


Schoolies Advertising / Sponsorship: This project has managed to remain independent and available to schoolies through support from the community, and advertisers / sponsors wanting to engage schoolies. We are selective in who we accept as advertisers, click here if you would like to apply as a schoolies advertiser or sponsor.

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