Schoolies Overseas

Celebrating Schoolies Week overseas cuts out the sheep that flow to the usual Schoolies Week destinations. Travelling overseas for schoolies week points you ahead of the crowd right out of the gate.

But, there are bigger risks to take account of when travelling overseas for schoolies week.

Be safe!

Regardless of what country you are going to, you need to do two things – first get the full picture on your travel destination at smartraveller.gov.au and register your details on the site so that Australian authorities can contact you if you get into trouble or there is an emergency (natural disaster, civil disturbance or a family emergency).

In previous years, local popular destinations have included Bali, Fiji, New Zealand and beyond that... pretty much the rest of the world has been travelled by young Aussies celebrating Schoolies Week.

Bali Schoolies Warning - Police corruption is a big problem in Bali, as is crime. It's fast become one of the most dangerous Schoolies destinations in the world. If you can afford to travell to anywhere other than Bali - we advise you do.

The greatest travellers go the distance without making the front page of a newspaper.

Get registered and get informed by Smartraveller if you are celebrating Schoolies Week overseas.

You need to know what they know and they need to know where you are if you get in trouble.

Smart Traveller


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