Schoolies Pictures

Hi, I'm Jazmin and these are my Schoolies Pictures. All Schoolies Pictures are at Gold Coast Schoolies Week.

My schoolies accommodation was free - just put my beanbag on the verandah and crashed out there. Don't know what you paid for your resort or hotel accommodation or how good it was so share with future
Schoolies about how your schoolies hotels and resorts turned out in the forums.

Schoolies Gold Coast

This is me meeting a group of Schoolies in the sand dunes of Surfers Paradise. I think they were having a picnic, but there was no food..?..

So many Schoolies thought I was a sniffer dog, that the Police tried to recruit me. The boy police dogs are pretty hot so I had to give it some real consideration... but looking after the homeless is where my heart is so had to say 'pass' on the offer.

Schoolies Pics

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